Friday, August 20, 2010

Around we go

Got out again this morning. My ears must be super sensitive since I was sleeping with the little guy and when I woke up had no clue what time it was (note to self: plug back in their clock)so I went back to my bed only to find it was time to get up. Thankfully the hubby poked at me with his feet till I got up.

After getting ready it was wonderful to not only feel but breathe in the crisp air. It was a wonderful 14C out(that would be 57F for the US folk).

I usually do a loop run. I leave my house in one direction, come back from another. This morning was no different but during my run I realize that its still a pretty big decision on which way I decide to go. For example. Direction A would be mean a faster time since while there was hills there was more down hills than uphills. Direction B would obviously be more up hills than down but that bit more of a workout. It was tempting to take A but what the heck B it was. The only real downside the was bathroom issue with 2k to go. Of course that last 2k was all residential and had I taken A there would have been a coffee shop or grocery store I could have stopped in. But hey what better time to work on speed work so to speak.

Of course nothing beats (after hitting the bathroom and getting out of the sweaty clothes) a 3 year old telling you that "you need to go back to bed mommy, I wasn't done cuddling." Yeah the coffee can wait a bit more.


  1. So cute about your little one not being done with the cuddles!

    Glad to hear you toughed it out through your harder route. Are you starting to feel like you are getting your mojo back?

  2. I am! thanks for asking. I'm feeling its hard but as long as I slow down a bit its definitely do-able.