Saturday, August 7, 2010


Yesterday the humidity was gone!
Sadly I was up from about 2-4am with the little guy who decided he was hungry and needed to watch Thomas the train. So when my alarm went off at 5 for my run I just shut it off and rolled over. I was kicking myself when I realized what it was like out there but since I missed my hill run this week I figured I could just go do that after hubby got home instead of just a 6k run in the early morning.

But in the meantime it was good, The boys and I went to the Zoo in the afternoon and went and saw their favourite animals. Didn't even need a stroller thanks to the Zoomobile. Hubby was even nice enough to come and pick us up on his way home from work so we didn't have to transit it back during rush hour. Love him!

After we were home, I had about half a Clif bar to give me that bit of extra energy, got dressed and out the door. The hills I like to run are about 3km away so its a good warm up there. Another reason I love these hills is because its 4 of them right next to each other and none of them are the same. The second one is my least favourite and last night it was the only one I had to convince myself to not stop on. Its straight up. The others have either a quick rise and more flat at the top or a curve to make it more gradual or it flattens out a touch in the middle for a road. Nope this one is just up. But I didn't stop and afterwards felt good for doing 5 hill repeats. I even enjoyed myself a nice Sapporo (beer) afterwards when I got home.

No running today, Long Run tomorrow of 16k I think. Today we're going to go lick some asphalt. Ok not really. Its a Greek food fest thing called Taste of the Danforth where they shut down a good chunk of the main road so we can eat meat on a stick, meat in a pita, and have some yummy sticky treats. Its the one time of year I wish I was Greek. One of these years we're going to have to ditch the kids and do the party aspect of it at night. But they love it too.


  1. Oh jealous! One day I hope to get to the Toronto for the Taste of the Danforth.

    Way to go on hills, I've yet to do hill training, aside from the ones I encounter during my runs.