Sunday, August 22, 2010

MCM Mama virtual race report

A couple weeks ago I signed up for a virtual race hosted by MCM Mama in honour of her 40th birthday. There was 3 distances to choose from 4 miles, 8.25 miles (in honour of the day) or 40km. I decided on the middle distance of 8.25 miles since I had a planned run already this weekend of 13k (8 miles).

The morning started off ok. Till I looked outside around 6:30am and saw that it was raining lightly. Well I figured I should head out anyways. My In-Laws are visiting this weekend and I wanted to get my run in early so I wouldn't really be taking time away from their visit.

Making sure I had my hat I took off around 7am. The light rain felt nice since it keep me cool so the first couple of km went by easily. I did get a couple weird looks from some people walking all done up with their coats and umbrellas. I was doing a good comfortable pace that was quite helped by the first big hill that was thankfully a downhill so it definitely helped me there. It was still raining and when I got along Queen St I decided to do some window shopping to distract myself from the wet. Usually when I run down there I see a bunch of runners but today there was no others out.

But the real fun started when I turned onto Greenwood. It apparently was downpour on that street but
of course not till I was on it for a bit. And the best part was that the sidewalks were completely flooded. I had made it about halfway through my route and then the soakers came. The roads weren't any better unless I wanted run in the middle of the road which since there was cars on there wasn't the best idea. I had to run in the grass for a bit to avoid getting more water all over me. Of course my outfit was soaked and my hat was dripping water for the rest of the run.

Other than the rain the only other issue was that I since I was getting so wet and carrying extra weight from that was that I was running faster to get out of the rain but I was tiring myself out and I needed extra walk breaks so I could finish the route. Of course in the last 3k the rain went back to a light rain and I was still dripping water. I even managed to get a side stitch and had to stretch that out before I could continue on but I got there.

I don't think I ever was happier to see my house at the end of a run.

13.35k (8.30 miles) done in 1:28:20


  1. Holy sounds like a tough run, way to finish it!

  2. Sounds like a tough run. It seems like running in the rain is like a required thing for true runners though. :)