Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This morning's tempo run didn't go quite as planned, Apparently grapes are not the best thing to have with toast for breakfast. That was the only new thing in my breakfast. By time I hit the 3k mark I was ready to throw up so I had to abandon the tempo part and just trying a steady run so it wouldn't take to long to get back home this morning. Ended up with more walking breaks than I should have to for a 5k but I made it home, breakfast still in me.

It was weird outside this morning since there was a fog/mist thing all over. At one point I was running across the street from a sports area and the baseball fields. Theres a path that separates the baseball diamonds from the playground and skate park. I couldn't even see it, and all I could think was that if I was running in there no one would see me and it was a tempting thought to pop in there for a bit.

But today's big news is that this mornings 5k put me at 504km of running so far this year. I wonder how much farther I can get this year.


  1. It's incredible how the km's creep up isn't it?

  2. wow, I have no idea how many kms I have ran this year. Way to go!