Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Solo Sucks

I'm starting to think running with my clinic has somewhat wreaked my solo running.

I've noticed that if I have a bad run, its generally when I'm running on my own. Apparently I do well or at least I'm don't wimp out when I have others with me. Yesterday I had a 6k tempo to do and my Ipod was dead but I figured it was 6k and doable without. My legs felt heavy the whole time and it took a bit of distractions to keep me from wimping out. So for today's 10k tempo I made sure my Ipod was ready to go. My legs felt ok but today it was mentally challenging.

I figure a good chunk of that was because I usually run Wednesday evenings with my clinic group. I planned to run this morning on my own since I would be helping out at Beavers with the boys tonight. Was it because I switched up my routine? Or maybe that I kept thinking of other things I needed to do today? It was just hard. I ended up cutting it short at 7.5k and walked the rest of the way home. I was literally with the thought process of...

Get to the next light and you can walk a bit
Get to the next street......
Get to the next pole.....
Finally when the get to the next.... was things that were 10 feet apart, I just accepted that mentally I was done and it was ok to stop.

Hopefully tomorrows run WITH my clinic group will go better.


  1. Some runs are just sucky runs. I find it's less likely to be sucky if you're doing it with other people. Try to consider it as just a bad run, rather then you don't run well alone. You run great alone! And, that doesn't exclude being a great runner with others either.

    Wow, does any of that make sense?