Thursday, October 6, 2011

Three Things Thrusday

Well my Wednesdays are going to get interesting. I volunteered to work with Group with Scouts. The levels I believe are
-Section(where the kids actually are)
(feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, btw)

Handy Manny is already a Leader with the boy's section and kinda volunteered himself for Area. I then was talking to the Section Leader and they needed help with more of the administrative stuff and an additional leader since Beavers enrollment really jumped up this year. Yeah so I volunteered for that. So now our whole family will be at Beavers Wednesday nights.

We are definitely an Scouting family.

Its our last clinic night tonight. Its hard to believe we are so close to done. I think our guest speaker will be talking about recovery stuff. Then we'll do 10k recovery. Its also hard to believe there's only

10 Days!

left before the race. Tomorrow its single digits. Eeee.....

You'd think that once I'm done training for a Marathon my schedule would open up more right? Apparently not. Its actually getting busier. I don't mind at all but it just feels that people weren't inviting or asking me about things while I was training. The closer I get to race the more the calendar seems to be exploding with activities and coffee dates, volunteer stuff for afterwards.


  1. You're getting so close!

    Next year Spud will be old enough for scouts. I've considered putting Sweetpea in when she's old enough too. (They seem better organized then guides around here.) It's good to hear that you love the organization!