Thursday, October 13, 2011


So last night was a pretty important night in our Beaver Colony. It was Investiture night. All the new kids officially became Beavers with the #115 Seton Group. Trouble was one of them.

At this meeting they got their scarfs and woggles(that would be the little blue thing that holds the scarf).
He was so excited that he even did a break dance.

Now we fully have a Scouting family. and we'll even be able to get a good picture of it all since this weekend is Apple Day! Shorty will be with us and shes going to help us sell some apples. So if you see anyone from Scouts and their apple baskets please PLEASE donate. 100% of the apple day donations go right to the Colonies.


  1. zomg, zomg, i'm getting so excited for you!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! wheeee, wheeeeeee!!!! :)