Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pain Free!

Yeap today, 3 days (who's counting) after my race I'm officially pain free.
Monday was interesting to say the least and stairs were horrible. I did find that if I changed my position at least every 10-15 minutes I would stay unstiff. The worst was the hip and knee pain. Thankfully by yesterday it was just a ache on the back of my hamstrings and today there is still some stiffness if I stay to long in one position but otherwise nothing hurts!

Last night the majority of the clinic people meet up and we talked about the race and it was fantastic hearing all the stories. I even found a great use for my running shoe cookie cutter! and the cookies were a hit!

 Some of other runners are apparently also trying to convince me to stay with (crazy)long distance. A lot of us are thinking Around the Bay and someone mentioned that with doing that race I could go either way towards a half or a full for the spring. A couple of the girls want to do Chicago next year as a girls weekend thing. Yeah at this point I'm waiting till I feel the itch for the marathon again. I think I'll need more pain free days before I can remember why a marathon sounded fun the first time.

Though I am excited about this weekend. I'm sleeping in on Sunday and am in charge of breakfast! For the whole of marathon training Handy Man has taken over pancake Sunday. It seems weird but I missed getting to do that. So I'm happy I get to this weekend. I'll see how I feel on Monday and might try an easy 5k. We'll see what the fall brings.


  1. Just 3 days to stop feeling pain after a marathon? That's not so bad. ;) Maybe three more until you feel the itch to train for another one?

  2. Still debating one for next fall. Because I'm crazy like that. ;)

    Plus, your report made me want to even more.