Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Well I got out there this morning.

It was gorgeous outside, espeically compared to the weather yesterday's. I ended up totally giving up on the original plan of running around the block as soon as I started going. Nothing felt off and so when I was supposed to turn I decided to just keep going. The weather was a warm 2C(35F) so I figured I could probably do a slow 5k. I didn't want to turn around yet when it came to the turn point for 5k so I kept going. I ended up doing 6k since I figured I needed to get back and not try and push to much or I'd risk injuring myself.

I'm literally on a high today. a great run, a hot shower, a cup of coffee. I can think of nothing that is a better start to my day.

I was so happy to be out there again. Even thought I was only out for about 3 weeks in total I was worried that it would be hard coming back to it. I was scared that even though 2nd degree burns don't go to far into the legs that it would hurt or affect my running from some damage. I mean my leg doesn't look pretty and I'm not really looking forward to shorts season again, but really at this point thats my worst thing right now. I had prepared myself that I might not be able to think of a trying for a PR at the half in May. Now that I've been out there I'm thinking I might. I'll see how training goes once it starts in February.


  1. YAY!!! It must feel great to get back out there!

  2. That would certainly measure up to a great start to the day, any day; great run, a hot shower, a cup of coffee.

    Nice Blog!

  3. Hi! Thanks for the follow! :)

    Sounds like you had an awesome Tuesday! Congrats on getting out there! I'm just getting back into it too, so I know that it can be tough - but it's SO good when you have a great run.

    Have a fabulous weekend!!