Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm calling it

January has sucked ass!


I got 1 run in so far.
The first two weeks were hampered from my burn. It was mostly annoying since it also stopped my regular day to day life as well as my running life.

Then we had our freezing cold week. I could even feel the cold through my pants where the burn was so that was horribly annoying and I'll fully admit to being wimpy and choosing to not run even at some times where I could have.

Of course my thinking was that its ok I can get bad at it when the weather went back to normal this week.
Hahahahaha. Apparently someone thought that was funny and now Trouble is sick again. This child gets every thing that goes around. It started with some throwing up on Saturday and is in fever mode the past couple days. Its enough that hes cranky and not eating and sleeping well
and Guess what?

That tends to mean that I don't eat or sleep well either. So I'm cranky and should be wearing a shirt with this on it.

Fingers are crossed that February gets back on track. I'm giving up the PB for my half since I feel like I lost my base and its going to be more about just getting out there. Its more about being a runner again and getting healthy and where I need to be to be a better me.


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