Monday, January 10, 2011

Getting there.

So today was a baby step in getting better.
The bandages came off my calve.
Well I'm giving it a try without being bandaged and we'll see if its ok and doesn't get sore. I tried to do that with my thigh and no way was that happening.
Ok nevermind the blister that was there wasn't done healing. Thankfully I caught it before the skin broke. Bah.

So clearly not running yet. Especially it hurts a bit if I were to forget about said injury and try to stamp the snow off my boot. Ouch.

But its a step (haha) in the right direction. Actually the hardest part is not letting my diet go to crap. Seriously, Its so tempting to eat more junk since I'm not active and don't "need" to eat so healthy. But I have to keep reminding myself I do NEED to eat healthy so that when I'm better its not going to be as hard to get back into things.

Oh and just to tease myself further. Guess what article of clothing helps keep my bandages in place? My running capris. hahahahahaha ha ha ha (Sarcastic laugh BTW)


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