Friday, January 7, 2011


That was a good one. Like the one where light shines down and heavenly choirs sing.

Its amazing how outlook gets changed when the pain goes away. I can walk normally now. Though I did accidentally pop the big blisters so that sucks because now I'm on infection watch but as long as I take care of things it should be ok.

So remember that 3 month gym membership I won at the beginning of December? Well I'm thinking next week I'll go and use it and join the gym. I figure I could do the elliptical or the bike to help me keep to be active. Maybe even some of the machines to work my upper body because mine totally sucks at the moment.

I figure as long as I'm as active as I can be, I can be ok with not running yet.

and for a funny. I feel like a dumbass. My gauze wrappings on my leg never stay up. I'm constantly having to fix them since they start to fall down almost as soon as I stand up. Well..... I finally clued in that I've been putting them on while sitting down on the edge of whatever (chair, couch, bed) and of course my thighs are spread out a bit then so duh!! no wonder they're way loose than when I'm standing.

Can I use baby brain as an excuse when they are 4 and 5?
No? Thats what I thought.


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