Monday, January 17, 2011

The Bandages are off!

I'm wearing regular pants now. Though I was kinda loving the comfiness of the yoga/sweat pants, I'm happy that I can wear my jeans again.

The plan was to give running a try this morning. I figured out this over the weekend. Theres a street block that works out to be 1km. Its where I usually take Bug if he wants to come with me and we do that loop and then I drop him off at home and continue on my own. That way if I did the 1km and felt ok I could try to do a bit more and if I had to stop and walk home I wouldn't have to walk to far to get back.

Well Mother Nature gave me a BIG FAT NO on that plan. This morning we woke up to -15C(5F for those south of the border)with a windchill of -18C(0F). Yeah thats too cold to be out there in. Funnily enough tomorrow's weather forcast is +2C(35F) but with rain. I think I'll take that instead. At least that way I can get a shower and hot coffee if the rain chills me.

So my start back has been delayed another day but thats ok because I'm getting there and getting ready to take those first steps again. Time to load up the Ipod with major beat boosting tunes.


  1. LOL, ever since I discovered yoga pants, i can barely put anything on with a real waistband. :) glad to hear you're healing up!