Sunday, July 18, 2010

Out and Back

Sunday mornings how I love you!
Usually the weather isn't to bad if you start out early enough. Though I need to invest in some cheap sunglasses or a hat or both.
I met up with a running buddy this morning and we did an out and back through one of the local parks/trails. I love running with someone. Even if there isn't really a ton of talking going on just knowing someone is going through all of that with you is amazing to help keep me going. We hung out more on the trail side which most people use to walk their dogs since it was more shaded and that helped a ton. There was a ton of bikers, no not the leather wearing ones, the spandex wearing ones. Most were pretty good but there was a couple of them that either didn't have a bell or waiting till they were practically beside us to let us know they were coming through. We went nice and slow so even though I was still sweating I wasn't breathing too hard which is always nice.
On the way back my buddy was having some issues with getting winded and so I took a couple extra walk breaks with her and we weren't too bad till near the end when I started feeling it. With 1km to go she had to take another break and thankfully she was ok with me not stopping. Mostly because I doubted that if I stopped and walked with her, I'd be able to start up again. It was really interesting to see that we didn't leave till around 8am and at 9:30-ish when we were coming back that we saw a ton of runners heading out. We definitely kept saying how happy we were to not be running with a clinic since we both would rather be up earlier and get our runs in rather than wait for the big groups.

Next Sunday is the Beaches Jazz fest 10k. My second 10k race so that'll be interesting. After that the base building for my long runs is done and I start amping it up every week. A bit nervous but excited too to see how I handle the brunt of the hard work. Race day will just be how I show off all the effort of training.


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