Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Water please.

In order to get the amount of water I need daily into me I drink it from a bottle.

A 500ml one like that. Though I try to be nice and envirmentally friendly and once I've finished the bottle I just refill it at home and stick it in the fridge so I always have cold bottled water waiting for me.

I cannot for some reason get the same amount of water into me if its in a glass or one of those steel drink container things. It needs to be a plastic water bottle. My husband finds it funny and the boys like to call bottled water "Mommy's running juice"

Anyone else have any weird drink/food quirks? I won't even bother getting into my enjoyment of peeling grapes while eating them thing...

In other news I think I injuried my leg while doing a tempo run yesterday. I've been icing it occasionally and trying to rest it but when you stay at home with two boys thats not the easiest thing to do. It doesn't hurt today so we'll see. I was supposed to do hills today after the husband gets home from work, but I might just see how it feels when I start and if it starts to hurt some more I'll turn around and come home. That was my mistake yesterday not slowing down my run and/or cutting it short. Talk about major lesson learned.


  1. I can't think of my food quirks, but as for water, I'm opposite of you, I drink more water if it's in a glass. Not a plastic bottle, or stainless steel one even. I even keep a glass on my desk at work for water.