Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Its all Uphill

So according to the training plan, today was first day of hills! yeah!

I'm not a huge fan of them but I get why we do them off I went and will go for the next couple weeks.
Today started off with 3 so I ran down to where the Running Room clinics do them, there is a bunch of streets that we call the Four Fingers.

It works out great because they are all a bit different like 1 is a straight up, another levels out half way only to be bit steeper the rest of the way. Plus since there is 5 hills, for the first couple of weeks of hill training you don't have to repeat any hills, so its not like you're doing the same hill over and over again.
It was rough going up them but Man! the feeling your body gets when you feel the ground level out at the top. Its almost one of those Mastercard priceless moments.
So I got those done and decided this called for a treat so instead of running straight home I went to Timmy's instead and am currently enjoying my well deserved Mocha. mmm mmm mmmm. Surprisingly its almost 8:30 in the morning and the other 4 people currently in my house are all still sleeping.

Seriously this is what morning are made for. A good run, yummy coffee and peace and quiet.


  1. Good for you! I find something so peaceful about being up by myself in the morning, having already completed a run.

  2. Great job! Where I live is FULL of hills not so fun....