Thursday, July 22, 2010

Brought to you by the letters G and O

Don't you hate it when most of the mental difficulties with running(or any activity really) happen before you even start? Its like part of you is trying to set the rest for failure. We are on vacation in our house so everyone is home and we all woke up later than normal and I decided I should get my run in eariler rather than wait till nighttime to get it in. Well the doubts of me doing well in my first half started. I missed a run, What if the pace is too fast, what about water, side stitches, etc... and to top it all off Yesterday was a hill run. 3k warmup (mostly because thats how far away the hills are from my house) 4 hill and the the 3k cool down home. I honestly cannot tell you what my paces were, or really any of the techical info. It took a lot of mental talk to make sure I ran the whole way up the hills.

Just go.
Come on GO.

But I did it and got them all done. There happened to be another runner there doing the same hills that I know from seeing her at the Running Room and we waved on the second pass. Pretty sure she gave me a weird look when I did the hands in the air thing after getting to the top of the last one.

Of course afterwards I made sure everyone knew I ran 4 hills. I needed those extra pats on the back to keep me going. Well that and coffee. Plus the knowledge that Friday's run(5k) will be a piece of cake after hills.


  1. Good for you. It's amazing how important the mental game is. I just blogged about that today. Sometimes it's not your legs that you need to convince. It's your mind.