Friday, July 30, 2010

Not to bad...

So I was supposed to be up at 5am this morning to get my 5k in. Well Around 4:30 I had a horrible dream about some crazy stalker guy and how he was after my family. Yeah the thought of running outside while it was still dark, didn't sound like a good idea after that. I'm one of those crazy mothers who after having kids can no longer watch the Law and Orders, CSIs and the like. While the husband was working overnight shift work a couple years ago I used to sleep with my cell phone under my pillow in case someone broke into the 15th floor apartment we were living in at the time. It totally made sense. If I just brought the cordless phone and needed to call 911, then the light on the base in the kitchen would light up and alert buddy I was calling the cops on him. DUH. We can't have that happening.

But anyways I'm saner now (hopefully) and I still avoid those kind of shows. Which allows me more time for Food Network and trashy reality shows. But that dream I had a hard time shaking off. Finally I managed too and got some more sleep. I ended up taking the kids to the Island and we had a great time.

After the husband got home I got my run and seriously today was a great weather day. It was warm (obiviously, its summer) but not to humid and it was a good day to get an evening run in. It sucked at first with 3 side cramps before the 2k mark. I was almost at the point if I got another one I was calling home to get them to come pick me up. But I just slowed down and watched my breathing more carefully, and was good for the other 3k. Its funny though because once I got home and looked at my paces

1k- 5:52
2k- 5:54
3k- 5:53
4k- 6:07
5k- 5:56

I wasn't really slowing down. Again that really shows you the mental aspect of this thing. My leg was fine during the run and I didn't feel anything till after I got into my comfy clothes and helped get the kids ready for bed. So I did some more stretches and iced my sore spots. Starting to think I should get back into yoga and also finally pick up one of those foam rollers.

Gee, it almost sounds like I'm starting to get serious about this whole running thing...


  1. Nice times! I've been tossing around the idea of a foam roller too.