Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Which came first?

So I had a great run pace wise. I had an average pace of 5:59/km for 6km.

I also had what would qualify as a nightmare last night. I dreamt that after the surgery on Friday we got a call. They are going to biopsy the growth they are going to remove because it developed quickly and need to make sure its nothing serious. Ok. No one thinks its anything serious and we've talked to 3 different doctors so we're ok with. But apparently my sub conscience isn't. That phone call in my dream was them telling us that Trouble has cancer. Yeah cause that's a dream you want to have. Hubby says that the nerves are from the dream. I'm thinking the dream is a result of the nerves. You can control thoughts and such way better in the day when you're in control, at night not so much.

So I headed out this morning with the hope of keeping myself from injuring myself and I did that but man. I'm tired! 6km doesn't normally take this much out of me. I'll be honestly and mention that there was a couple(3) stops in there because I was generally doing a 5:30 pace but needed to catch my breathe since it was getting all over the place.

Is it Friday afternoon yet?


  1. Nightmares and nerves suck! I can't even imagine how stressful this is for you and your family. Fingers crossed everything will go smoothly on Friday and you can put this all behind you!

  2. I'd agree with you. The nerves caused the dream. Though the dream may have increased the nerves, the nerves were first.

    I find when I'm stressed or not sleeping well, my runs aren't as good. That's probably why it took so much out of you.