Thursday, October 28, 2010

Three Things Thrusdays

1. I have the best kids. Yesterday the drilling from the work being done behind our house was insanly loud. Bug suggested we go to the mall. "We want to play in the play center while you go shopping or something mommy". Yeap, like I need a 5 year old to encourage me to go shopping kid free. Each child is $5/hr at this place and even though I ddin't buy anything for me, that was a well spent $10.

2. Suddenly the idea of doing a Marathon next fall scares the crap outta me. Have you seen the training plans they have out there? The full out effort involved?? I'm sure you have since a good chunk of you have done a Marathon. Yeah I'm gonna wait till the New Year to even think about it anymore. Bah.

3.Can someone explain why the little halloween chocolate bars are soooo much better than the full size ones? I'm going to go with the variety it gives. And the fact that I have kids means there will be no shortage of the stuff after Sunday. Anyone want to lend me some extra willpower?


  1. Those little bars are so frickin' addicting!! A marathon scares the crap out of me too so I'm not much help there....Good luck!

  2. The play places a the malls I go to are ones where the parents have to stay.

    I'm jealous.