Thursday, October 14, 2010

Three Things Thrusdays

1. The Bug (the older one) is now a beaver. Last night he got his scarf and woggle. Next weeke he'll get his tail.

and now his little brother is dying to join as well.

2.While I definitely plan on keep up the distance and getting a kick ass high distance base going I'm planning on getting more fit and being more healthy over these cooler months. I'll be perfectly honestly in that I eat a lot of junk and I need to work on cutting that way way back and getting more exercises in. I would love to be in a bikini next summer minus the muffin top and little mom belly..


Oh yeah I signed up for Toronto Women's Half that'll be next May.

Added bonus, its practically in my backyard. I run that area all the freaking time so I know it well and can kick ass along that route. Plus it can guaratee a good support group there since part of the route is 2 mins from my house. I did the 10k this past August.


  1. awww...your little boy is so cute!!

    You're signing up for May races already? Holy crap! Ours aren't even available for registration yet!

  2. Your boy looks really proud of himself
    I've been thinking about signing up for that race, I guess I should just get it over with and sign up.

  3. Yay on new races! Your son looks adorable. :)

  4. Well that race fills up ususally come the new year. and actually for alot of our races you can sign up for next years race within a month of this years race day.