Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I hope everyone had a great weekend.

We survived camping. It was a really great time. One of Hubby's uncles owns 140 acres outside Huntsville and a huge group of us go up there each year. There was roughly 40 of us this year. The nights were cold but ok except Saturday night it got below 0 and there was frost covering everything in the morning. Brrrr. Just means lots of layers and lots of coffee.

I didn't get any running in though. One of the Hubby's cousin's kids decided that this year he would do a solo and camp away from the group. He was being checking on regularly but the second night there he had gotten lost. He was found and other than being very cold was fine. But after that no one was really allowed to go off on their own and no one else wanted to go out for a run. But thats fine. Before dinner on Sunday a group of us went for a hike and I wish I had worn my watch for that. We didn't go to far but just to see the elvation would have been amazing.

I did talk to another of Hubby's cousins and I am definitely doing Around the Bay in March. I also got a run in yesterday and it felt good. The rec trail I take a lot is looking so amazing with the leaves and the colour. I LOVE the sound of leaves crunching under foot.

I would have gone out again today but I've been on the Halloween costume hunt. The little one is going to be Appa, the flying bison from The Last Airbender and I knew I have to make that one. The oldest was going to be Superman like he was last year so its easy there but now he wants to Aang from The Last Airbender and of course my kids pick impossible to find costumes so I have to make his as well. Unless I can find super fast shipping from somewhere....


  1. I love it when you hear the whoooosh of the leaves swirling behind you when you are running fast.

    hrrrmmm ... or maybe it was because I was dragging my feet?