Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beep Beep Beep

Ok pretend thats a alarm clock going off.

5 am comes early. This week the weather is insanely hot for May. So I decided what better time to try that whole getting up early so I could run thing. It was actually pretty nice. The weather was completely comfortable in a t-shirt and capris. The sun was just coming up. The roads weren't busy. As a matter of fact I'm sure the people I did see wondered what the hell I was doing so early in the morning as they waited for thier bus clutching coffee in their hands. And yes mom I was safe, I brought my phone and a water bottle with me. That early in the morning my rational was I could squirt any possible attacker with water and run away faster. It made sense at the time.

But yeah no it was great, I came home got a shower in and my breakfast and coffee all before the kids were up. Definitely think this is something I could keep up. For the hot weather anyways.


  1. Totally dealing with early runs right now too. Definitely going to take some adjusting, but I can see how it could work!