Sunday, May 9, 2010

Apparently Running is GOOD for Thinking

Huh? Who would have thought.

While I was running this wonderful Mother's Day morning, and not being grossed out by the bits of snow falling from the sky, I got a lot of thinking done.
Mostly about running stuff. DUH.
I've decided to not sign up for the half marathon clinic. It was supposed to start this upcoming week or the one after, I forgot when. The goal race was supposed to be Scotia, but since this is GoodLife's last fall marathon before being switched to May next year they decided to switch it. No offense to GoodLife, but I had always wanted when I do my first full for it to be the same as my first half. I get sentimental like that. That would mean the clinic wouldn't start till June. Thats wayyyy to late for my tastes. I want to get on this offical training stuff like now.

So I'm training on my own and signing up for Scoita.
I'm even thinking of signing up for the 10 miler(16k) in July.

I've also become better at running without to many breaks. My 12k this morning which included 2 hills only had breaks at stop lights. Wohoo. Even with the crazy winds and stupid snow. Have I mentioned its May? Bah. Heres to a better week weather wise.


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