Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On the road again

Ok well more like the side walk. I went and did my first run since the 10k race. My legs were sore in the Holy crap I haven't run in forever sore. More like tired I guess. I did just under 5k and other than the legs feeling a tad sore it was great. Had I not had other stuff to do I would have kept going a bit more. I love those runs. You just feel good and in a "bring it on" mode.

I found something new out with my Garmin. I started it while I was in the preschool dropping Mr. Handsomes Pants off and it asked me if I was indoor so I pressed yes and didn't think anything of it. So when I got outside and it had the right screen up I just hit start and started running. Well apparenly I was supposed to hit a different button to find satalites or something once I got outside cause it just recorded the time and not the pace or distance. Thankfully I alreay knew I could do 5k in 27-30 mins so decided to just run for 30 mins and I'd map it at Map My Run afterwards.


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