Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wakey Wakey.

So as I look at my lovely training plan I realize that soon I'm about to hit a big obstacle. And its not even running related. My children. See I've been doing my runs while they're otherwise occupied. I currently run Tuesdays and Wednesdays while Bug is at kindergarten and Handsome Pants is at preschool. Fridays I run while they are in a program at the community center. Sundays I do my long run while Daddy is in charge.

The catch is that after the first Friday in June I lose the community center activity. For the summer our city's centers basically become day camps for the older kids not in a day care of some kind. Then at the end of June summer break starts.

My solution = becoming an early morning runner. Running at night just gets me geared up and I hate showering at night since I have what I call crazy wavy hair if I let it dry on its own. I'm thinking if I can get up early enough to get my runs in before my husband has to leave for work I should be ok. The hard part will be getting up.

Anyone else do early morning runs? Its not going to be THAT hard right?


  1. I don't do early morning runs, but do early morning bootcamps where there is a lot of running! Class starts at 5:30am. It was hard to get up at first but now it's just part of the routine and I actually really enjoy gets me all energized and jazzed up for the day. You can do it!