Thursday, July 21, 2011

We're Back!

Anyone try the breakfast scone recipe yet? I have an homemade animal cracker one I want to try once this heat wave lets up some.

I'll be perfectly honest upfront. I did 1 5k run the whole week we were up north. Part of that fact that we spent 4 of the 6 days up at Dad's camp. Its boat access only(well except for the winter when its ski-doo access only) but it was vacation. I'm actually quite proud that it only took us 10 hours coming home. It took 11 getting up there since they are doing major repaving work along the second longest highway in the province.
We hit the carnival that happened to be in town while we were. Did some fun rides

There was an attempt at fishing once we got to camp.
But all we caught was one little perch.
And it was hot so we then opted for some swimming at a neighbours dock.
Afterwards we came back to town and visited with more family. My Aunt and Uncle have this amazing garden and the snap peas were divine and the strawberries they had were better than candy. I'm so jealous. I would totally move out to the country if I could have that myself. Visits are never long enough when you're having a great time.

Clinic meets up tonight so I might go there for out run or get it in first thing in the morning. Considering today is going to be major record breaking heat. I'm pretty much planning on staying in.


  1. looks like you guys had fun!!! the picture of the little perch made me giggle...