Sunday, July 3, 2011

Another Week Done

This is really going to be all over the place. Bear with me.

The humidity has me questioning the whole point of running a fall marathon. So I'm very thankful for my clinic group. There is really nothing like having a couple other people always running near you to help keep you going and vise versa. We keep telling ourselves that if we can run through the heat of summer than while it won't be easy, the weather will at least be more bearable come October.

Today we did just over 14k. Next week we start going more in distance. At our clinic talk on Thursday we were told that we'll be basically doing the same route more or less with just some added distance to it for the majority of the weeks. Mostly so we can focus on keeping ourselves going and this is when we need to be trying out fueling options. Before we start getting to far away from the store. I picked up some shot blocks since while I can do gels I'm not really a huge fan of them. Think I could do gummy bears and Gatorade the whole way? Probley not.

We took the boys yesterday to Chinatown here in Toronto. It has some of our favourite stores. Tap Phong has almost every kitchen gadget or dish that you could want. Once we get a proper china cabinet we're going to stock up on some nice different shaped plates and bowls. After there we hit up a noodle shop and OMG their broth is amazing. Seriously I want to bring everyone there. They even have the best hot pink chairs ever. If Handy Manny would let me I'd totally get them. Bug even had some black sesame ice cream afterwards and gave it a thumbs up. It is an amazing place to check out in Toronto if you have the time.

We had an amazing Canada Day with some friends and checked out the fireworks. I hope any American reading this has a wonderful 4th of July as well.


  1. You'll do great with a fall marathon. Early morning running is your friend on hot days, but you already know that. :)