Monday, July 11, 2011

Bad Long Run


First off I know I made a really supid choice in finishing my long run. My time and pace were crazy slow. I thankfully wasn't alone and was walkrunning with another girl from my group who was coming back from mono. Actually she needed the walk breaks more than me but I wasn't about to leave her alone and hey it let me take more breaks than I would have willing took had I been alone or with my ususal pace group.

Really early Saturday morning like 4am-ish Trouble decided to crawl into bed with us. Ok no big deal. But while in bed he decided he needed to basically bodyslam us. When he did it to me I was lying on my side so the 30lb heavy weight champ got both my back and front. I didn't realize he got more than my back till I went running with my group yesterday morning. My ribs hurt like a constant side sitch kind of pain. Annoying but totally runable. I had thought that I should call it quits and not finish the run 1.5k in but for some reason felt that it would make me a wimp.

Now it doesn't actually hurt except for running or speed walking. It doesn't hurt to touch my ribs so I'm questioning any possible bruising. I know more than likely just need to rest and let my body heal.

So how does one recover from a really bad long run?
They hit the zoo for 5 hours!

Yeah my brain is wired weird.


  1. Seems every run has been a bad one for me lately. I suck in this heat. Let me know if you figure out the recovery secret.