Thursday, July 14, 2011

Three Things Thrusday: Vacation Edition

1. After a crazy long car ride of 11 hours we made it to my dads. The main highway was having construction like crazy. They were repaving various parts of it. It is the second longest highway in the province and so they were working in sets every 50-75 kms apart I think. So having to go through all that added at least 45 minutes to our trip. Plus the breaks we had to take since Trouble didn't like the long car ride and his method of sharing his displeasure is to force himself to cough till almost throwing up. Nothing like doing something that would guarantee a stop.

2. After getting here and unloading the car we headed out for some late night dinner. Nothing like ice cream and then some pizza at 9pm at night. That is how you know you're visiting the grandparent.

3. My chest is feeling better and I would hope so after not running for 4 days so far. I've been really taking it easy. After doing some reading I highly doubt it was a bruised rib since everything I've read shows that it would take weeks, not days to heal. But regardless I'm hoping I'm basically better now.

I did bring my running gear and I'm looking forward to getting a chance or two to hit the trail that goes around the lake. Nothing like a run in cooler weather with a wonderful view. There will be no running at the camp but lots of fishing and exploring. Believe me when I say there will be lots of pictures to come.


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