Sunday, July 24, 2011

This feels funny

Today the schedule called for a long run of 20k.

Previously when I would hit this number it was the last long run before the race. It would be so close to the end. Two weeks from race day. Right now I'm 84 days from race day. That's still a long way to go. That's 12 more weeks of training.

So yeah it feels funny that I'm where I used to be almost ready to reap the reward for my training, but I'm no where near ready for my reward.
I did today's run on my own. Mostly for the fact that a bunch of people from my clinic signed up for the Beaches Jazz Tune Up
I didn't think to sign up for it so it sold out before I could and since enough were doing it the race route was the route even for those that didn't sign up. We were just encouraged to not use the water stations. I wasn't comfortable with that so I decided to do the route that takes me all around my area of the city. Its a nice mix of residential and store fronts with the rec trail at the end. I thought of sending an email to see if anyone wanted to join me but I only thought of it this morning and knew the clinic leader wouldn't be able to get it out in time since she was doing the race.

I did also try some shot bloks for the first time. I had the mountain berry flavour and these are way better than gels for me. With gels I need tons of water and it doesn't feel great in my stomach. These took a bit of chewing but way less water so I think I'll stick with these for now. I'm sure most of you get how much this excites me. Mostly since I did my halfs with gummy bears and I didn't think I could do those for a full.

Now I'm off the enjoy Handy Manny's last day of vacation before he goes back to work tomorrow.
Hope you had a great weekend.


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