Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why not?

So everyone has things they do on a whim right?

You know how hundreds of people pay the $11 fee(or donation as I like to call it) to the NYRR in the spring to apply for a lottery spot for the NYC Marathon?

I did it last year, just in a why not kind of thing. I didn't get in. Thought nothing of it. I mean there was that moment when you get the email where you go "awwww", then "oh well" and continue on.

So I decided to do it again this year. Mostly thinking that (and here comes another big news thing) that I was thinking of doing another Marathon next year(2014) and that more than likely I wouldn't get into New York but with that 3 tries and they let you in thing it could mean that I could be in New York for 2015. Right? Planning things out. Getting ahead of the game.

Until I got this message yesterday

Looks like I have a big fall race!
November 3rd I'll be running the streets of New York!!

Why not!

So get ready for at least 18 weeks of me training for a Marathon again!
Now off to research anything and everything I can.