Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Wine

Inniskillin Pinot Grigio

As I mentioned before I picked up this new wine that my store now carries.

It a 2012 wine from the Niagara Region here in Ontario. What makes this Pinot special is that the Winemaker left the skins on before pressing allowing the colour of the skins to be in the final product. 

Ever seen what Pinot Grigio grapes look like? Most would assume that the grapes would be yellow or green like the grapes in the grocery store and they'd be wrong. This is the Pinot Grigio grape

So it makes perfect sense to see that there is a slightly pink-ish ting to the wine. 
Now this wine is said to be dry but I found it more off dry and it was nice and fruity and had a fantastic finish. Nice and crisp with a more tropical fruit taste. I was really worried with the dry rating and crisp description that it would be leaning towards a sauvignon blanc kind of taste but it wasn't and that made me incredibly happy.

This one definitely it  in my top picks from Inniskillin right now. Beating out even my beloved Late Autumn Riesling. 


  1. I was just thinking maybe you would have some great ideas for appies to pair with wine. I'm part of a wine club and I always get anxious abut what appie to bring. We usually do reds but do you have any killer suggestions?

  2. I love keeping it simple so the wine is more showcased. A nice creamy cheese (like harvarti)and crackers to keep it simple.

    Or any Crostini would work, even herbed cream cheese. Brushetta fresh would be nice.

    Cheese fondue would be amazing since it would allow for more selections. But that can be tricking if you're not hosting.