Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mid Week Mind Rambles

That's an awesome title huh?

So my schedule keeps having to change. Its apparently really hard to keep things steady and consistent when you are the boss lady. Thankfully it doesn't mess up to much with my running plans.

But in good news we got a new wine in store!

Its a Pinot Grigio from Inniskillin and yes it does have a slight pink-ish colour to it. The Winemaker, Bruce decided to keep the skins on before pressing and that's where the colour comes from. It looks interesting and of course I got a bottle and will be trying it out sometime this week (Review to come!)

Today's 5k was good. I managed to keep a good pace. Thought to honest part of that was because I knew my ipod didn't have the best charge and then my garmin gave me a low battery sign. Nothing like the chance of losing your technology to make you keep up the pace when it gets hard.

The weather is getting warmer and I'm debating how I plan to deal with the heat since I can't always do 5am runs this summer. Not getting home till after midnight and up at 5 doesn't sound like the funniest thing to do. The idea of a treadmill keeps looking better but I'm really trying to not give in.


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