Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Back to the Crazies!

Yeap! I'm joining the crazy again. You know not that I think any of you are crazy..... Well ok some of you I do but whatever I'm apparently crazy too.

I will be running the Quebec City Half Marathon on August 25th. Hubs and I are making it a trip out of it for just us two! It was easy to decide that since our 5th Wedding Anniversary is the 23rd of August so what better way for us to celebrate our love than me running an half and him meeting me at the finish line?  Oh and there will be a couple days of sight seeing and yummy foods afterwards.

Thankfully Hubs knows way more french that I do. But hey I can introduce myself, ask where the bathroom is AND order french fries so its a start. 

Now why this particular race you ask?
I blame one of my best friends who I call Batman(long story) wanted to hit last years Scotia Marathon's expo. Not one to pass up deals I went with her. We got some great deals, Met John Stanton

and fell in love with some blinking medals. 

That's right. The Quebec City race's medals have LED lights that blink. I went home and mentioned how cool the medal was and Hubs said that if I wanted to try for that race I could and we could turn the trip into our Anniversary trip. 

So sign up I did a while ago and today is the first official start of training for it.  I need to post about it to keep accountable to myself because as cute as my children are they are not the best at pushing me out the door to get my runs in.

Care to join me? Check out the website here :Run Quebec


  1. You are so lucky ! This is my beloved hometown that I miss every day. Quebec City. You will love it. If you need any advices on where to eat and go I am your free personal guide! Be prepare to run against the wind at that race.

  2. Thanks! I will definitely be hitting you up for info.