Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Busy busy

Life gets busy when your boss takes two weeks holiday  Did I mention that we had just hired a new girl AND one of the guys was leaving due to moving away(to Taiwan actually). It meant me doing lots of training the new girl and learning new things myself so I could take over some tasks that buddy did. 

While I still haven't been running much I did join in a group that's doing a 20 week fitness challenge. This is week 1. It's basically two mini boot camps 30 mins or so to do) and 3-4 other things. This week is 300 step-ups, 2 sets of double alphabet legs, and 350 jumping jacks, and 30 mins outside cardio. It doesn't matter when you do then as long as its all done before the end of the week. I like it so far. Enough to keep you going but it works better than some classes at the gym right now. 

The boys had a fun Halloween. The weather wasn't the greatest so they only went out for about 30 mins or so. I loved it this year. Kid's didn't bring home to much sweets and trick or treaters were done just before 8 and the boys weren't that late getting to bed. 

Bug was Anakin Skywalker (In the Clone Wars part-Very Important detail so I'm told
Trouble was Short Round (Little Asian kid in Indiana Jones who tries to pick Indy's pocket and ends up joining him for a while) 1 lady even knew who he was so his night was made. I think it helped that Hubs dressed like Indy.

I got to stay home and hand out candy. Win!

Hope everyone else is having a great start to their November!