Monday, December 5, 2011

Hope Endures Virtual 5k Report

Courtney at A so Called Runner hosted a virtual 5k on behalf of her daughter Ashlyn who was stillborn in 2008.

I jumped at the chance to honour a little girl missed. I decided to run my "race" during my long run of 10k with friends. I mentioned that I would probably get quiet for a while and why. 

We took off and I decided I would do a warm up, push it for Ashlyn and then cool down. The weather started off nice for December and we had hopes of sun. It ended up raining on us for a last half so clearly our hopes were dashed.

It was also a new route for me so it was definitely an interesting way to see more of the neighbourhood we run in.

Of course at the point where my warm up finished and the "race" started it was the dreaded Falling brook hill. Its a long gradual hill that is a pain but I figured the least I could do was power up this hill. I had lots of thoughts of what I know of Ashlyn during the run. How she inspired her mom to take control and take care of herself.  There was quite a few times when I felt like walking or that I should cut the run short and forgo the cool down since its been over a week since I last ran at all. That it would be OK but it kept coming back to "Nope, being tired isn't enough of a reason for stopping".

I managed to get the 5k done in 29.32

1km: 6:16
2km: 6:18
3km :5:55
4km: 6.02
5km: 5:41

You can see where I was starting to push it and even where I wanted to give it up and stop but managed to keep it up.

I'm defintely glad I decided to join in on this run. It was great way to support Courtney and her family even though we live in different countries.


  1. Thanks so much for running this race and honestly that is so cool you did it through your 10k with your friends and letting them know!