Thursday, August 25, 2011

Three Things Thrusday

Less than two weeks till the school year starts back up. Trouble will be in SK and Bug will be in the big change of Grade 1. They are both really excited for the year. Bug a bit more so since now he gets recess and can do the pizza days that he's heard about. I'll admit to being a touch sad that he'll be in school all day so I'll get less time with him but this way I'll get more one on one time with Trouble. We have to finish clothes shopping for the boys since their school moved to "dress code" this year. It just means everything has to be white or navy blue. No writing, pictures, logos, or holes/tears. Its something that's being put in place across the whole TCDSB so thankfully finding clothes has been really easy.

After my 30k race I felt good. The next day I ate like crazy. I could not believe how hungry I was.
Though after sitting down and doing some figuring it out, I am MORE than happy with my results. I'm going to take the lessons I've learnt from that race and apply them to my marathon. My finishing time for Midsummer line up in the range of what I'm training for with Scotia. So I'm thrilled that it showed that my training is working and the effort I've been doing is good. There are a couple things I need to work on more, like more water and being better with my vitamins.
(I have some pics coming, I ordered two, a finish line one even!)

I picked up The Athlete's Palate at the library last week. You know this one.

and I've really only tried 1 recipe out of it so far but I have a couple others bookmarked. It was a chicken carbonara and it was really good, and definitely healthier than the one I've usually made before. My Father in Law even looked through it and copied out a couple recipes. I really liked how they marked the different recipes whether they'd be best in training or recovery. My only issue from just looking through it is that some of the recipes are what I'd call fancy and take things that not everyone keeps in their home or lots of pots.


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