Saturday, August 27, 2011


50 days till I run my first marathon.
50 days till I propel myself the further I've ever been on foot.

I've been working towards this goal since mid June. Its hard to believe that its been such a long time frame that I've devoted to training. It doesn't even really feel like it at all though. I know I've been putting in the time and the distances but in all honesty it doesn't feel like its been months of this. Which I guess would be a good thing since that means I'm obliviously enjoying running.

In the clinic people are talking more and more about goals, what they're thinking of wearing on race day, what they plan on gorging on after race day. I'm really excited that my finish time at Midsummer aligning nicely with my approximate goal time for Scotia. It shows that my training is working and I'm pushing myself properly. I never thought that would be something that would excite me, but I've learnt that it doesn't have to take much to make me happy most days. I'm still working on race day clothes but believe me I'm dreaming about lots of ice cream and crappy TV or old movies to enjoy as I partake in the rest days after the marathon.

50 days till my first marathon
51 days till relaxation mode.


  1. ha ha, i'll be doing exactly the same the day after the marathon! hubs is going to have to piggy back me everywhere. :)