Monday, August 29, 2011

Sweet Redemption!

That's whats today was.

We did our second 30km(18.6miles) run yesterday. I did take all that I learnt from Midsummer and did so much better this time.

I kept my pace manageable the whole time.
I didn't start out to fast so therefore on the way back I still felt great.
I took my Shot Bloks at regular intervals.
Thankfully the weather was amazing for running this morning and I didn't feel the need to gulp large amounts of water/Gatorade.

There was no I feel sick.
No I just want to sit down. Ok there was that, but it was just to give my legs a rest since I had been moving for 3+ hours.
Yesterdays run while tiring really helped restore my confidence that I can finish the Marathon and finish well. I'm not nervous about 32k next week anymore.


  1. nice! just a few short weeks to go and we'll be there!!

  2. Yay! Sometimes you really need a run like that to help your confidence. You're doing awesome!