Thursday, August 4, 2011

Three Things Thrusday

The clinic did 5 hills yesterday. I had issue with the 2nd hill last week and and had to walk up part if it. I made it my goal that this week I would make it up it all the way. Actually I made it up it twice. I've learnt that even though its recommended that when running hills you're supposed to look up at the top of the hill. Yeah when I do that I can't make it all the way. If I look just ahead of me and kinda down, then I can do it. Something about not seeing how much more I have to go or seeing the steepness of the hill makes it more bearable.

My shoes need replacing. I've been wearing Saucony ProGrid Jazz. I've been looking all over and it seems that its been discounted. Its not even on their website anymore. So next week I'll be getting new shoes. I lucked out picking out these ones since I got them from Foot Locker and picked them because they looked good. At the time I didn't know better but thankfully it worked out. So it going to be weird getting a different one. I'm thinking I should stay with Saucony, though its tempting to try something different.

I'm very excited/nervous. This Saturday Handy Manny and I start our Portaging trip in Algonquin. We'll be doing 3 nights and 4 days. Its actually going to be our first time away from the kids since we got married. I'll have some pictures and a post up after we come back.
The boys are looking forward to spending the time at my parents.They've got a countdown going on and Bug has it written on every calendar "To Nana and Papas".


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