Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Wine!

This weekend Hubs and I enjoyed a bottle of the Inniskillin Riesling Pinot Grigio. It was a 2011 vintage. (Anyone else feel weird to call a year vintage when it was last year? I get the why but it just feels weird)

Yes I'm fully aware that the bottle in the picture is a 2008 but I totally forgot to take a picture before we finished the bottle and then it just looked sad without its wine.


I really liked this one because really how can you go wrong when you mix a dry Riesling with a Pinot Grigio. With 85% Riesling and 15% Pinot Grigio, its a great blend of crisp and light from the Pinot and the bit of nutty and weight from the Riesling. On the Sugar(or Sweetness) Code its a 1. Which means its a off dry, maybe a touch closer to dry. Now oddly enough this one I prefer to enjoy it not to chilled. I mean you shouldn't be drinking whites especially crisp ones to cold because then the cold will mask the flavours of the wine. I like my lighter wines to be just a touch chilled. It drives Hubs crazy since I'll pour a glass and if I can manage it I'll leave it be for a bit so that it can warm up a touch.

Now this Inniskillan can be served with fish and maybe ham(that would be the Riesling coming out to play) or even a roast chicken but I like it on its own. It should be pointed out that is a VQA wine. Which means its from Ontario and follows some strict wine making and labelling standards(we'll talk more about that some other time) Also this wine is  unoaked so it was aged in a stainless steel barrel for 14 days.

So Stats
Inniskillian Riesling Pinot Grigio
11.0% Alcohol/Vol
Off dry to dry (SC-1)
Light bodied


  1. This sounds like a wine I would totally love. Riesling and PG are two of my favorites, I'll have to go look this one up!

  2. Do you do scotch tastings????

    1. I don't but Hubs loves the stuff and is a fan of buying the smaller "sample" sizes. I could get his opinion of the stuff.