Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Brought to you by the Letter B

Yes that's right today's run was all about the letter B. As in bra and brum brum.

That would be a car revving.
That probably makes no sense to you but well let me show you my Garmin.

See the stickers? Those are Sally and McQueen from Cars. My boys picked them out for me. It would make me faster they said. Well in my comeback so far its working! Today I got a run in where the only times I stopped was for a red light. So 3 maybe 30 second stops in that time. And I kept up the pace, thought I wasn't trying to. I was just running and hardly looked at my watch. I felt great and it was definitely a run that made you want to get out there again.

Now for the other B

Remember I went to that expo a couple days ago? Well when were there I picked up a new bra to try out. Considering I have been wearing the cheapest running bras for the past couple years(I know I know) I figured this was the best time to upgrade them.

There was a Moving Comfort booth there and I got the try on their Juno bra.
Considering there was a bit of rubbing in the front bottom in one tiny spot, I think it passed the test. The straps and everything felt great and I didn't even need to think about it. That is what I call win win. I'm even excited that they have almost 10 different styles that I can fit in with my various requirements. It also shows how much of a dork I am.