Thursday, July 11, 2013


And its only week 2 of training.

I have another 18 weeks to go. I've always had lots of admiration for those that train for marathon in general. I mean its tiring and you're hungry a lot. and adding in training on top of a full time job. I mean that's why for my first Marathon I chose to do it before I went back into work. And now I'm doing it too.

I'm sure the heat isn't helping but man I'm tired. This whole working full time on my feet then add the running and the family stuff....whew.. Its enough to make me want to crawl back into bed.

Actually one of my biggest challenges is that since I'm feeling tired and run down a bit is that I first reach for a coffee. I need to make sure I'm grabbing a big cup of water first then the coffee because I notice that its really easy to miss out on getting enough water. Thankfully the work schedule is going to change a bit and I'll be doing more middle shifts where I won't be by myself for long stretches so it means I won't have to worry about having to close the store to hit the bathroom.

Now if I could just get my chocolate addiction under wraps a bit....


  1. marathon training is a big undertaking...i don't think people really know how much it takes out of your life...well, except those who've done it! maybe that's why there's this unspoken bond between people who've run a marathon, we all know how much work, dedication and sacrifice it takes. kudos to you for balancing work, marathon training AND a family!