Monday, June 25, 2012

Father's Day 5k

Earlier this year I found a Groupon deal for half off registration for the Toronto Spartan Sprint for two. So of course I asked the Hubs if he could pretty please  wanted to do it with me. He agreed and I got us signed up. A while after he decided he should make sure he could run a 5k before attempting on with obstacles in it. He signed up for a Learn to Run program with his work gym. There was a race around the finish of the program but he didn't want to sign up for that one. I found out that a friend of ours was doing a race the day after in Waterloo, their Classic. And it came with a medal! So we signed up.

We spent the night before in Guelph, visiting my parents and it wasn't to much to get the kids up in morning.

We got to the race site and met up with some family and friends and got a spot in the bleachers right at the start/finish. We even met up with one of my cousins and uncle!

It was a small race with 1200 total in 3 distances (10k, 5k, 3k). So after some photo ops we got on the track and waited to take off. The 5k course was pretty simple with 1 hill. By time we hit 2k though I knew it wasn't my race and decided to just get the run in. Hubs and C took off from the start and they both looked amazing when I saw them before I hit the turnaround. 
After that I completely lost sight of Hubs and found out that he finished in an amazing 26:38! He blew my PR out of the water when he first goal was to match it. 

I came by a couple minutes later for a 29:20

We met up with everyone again after and shared some awesome high fives and race stories 
Uncle B, Hubs, Mike, Me, Abby, Chris

Don't we all look awesome? It was my Uncle, Hubs, Mike, and Chris's first race! and they all did amazing! Even though my race didn't go as planned I was bouncing with excitement for them. 

 Me                                      Hubs
                           Chip Time             29:20                                   26:38
               Overall of 519 runners       239                                     162
                          Gender                   78                                       117
         Age Group (both in 30-34)      7/23                                    11/30

Oh and Bug wins for best use for Mom's Marathon space blanket. A Cape


  1. great job!! dont you love how the men in our life can just get out and rock it! you rocked it too!