Friday, January 6, 2012


*sneaks in, dusts off some cobwebs*

Hey! What's up?

I know I know I have some explaining to do.

I apparently took a little running hiatus, which I hadn't really planned on taking but it happened. I fully admit it.


Yeap. There were so many days that I woke up and thought I would run but found every excuse in the book and didn't. I will admit that I did enjoy the time off. Spent lots of time with the boys and did some  thinking of heading back to work or heading back to school. It was maybe a small case of burn out. I'm not sure.

But now I am back. I've started signing up for spring races and I even started the Marathon clinic again yesterday. Mostly to help get me to Around the Bay at the end of March. I'm still debating the half or the full for spring but I figure regardless this way leaves my options open since the races I'm deciding between usually don't fill up and since they are on the same weekend this year I'm sure I can get into my desired distance easily at either.

So yeah Last night....

That wasn't fun. I paid for my lazy ways. We did 8k. I thought we were only doing 6k. I know 2k more shouldn't be a big deal and I did do a bit of walking. I didn't want to risk injuring myself, since its been a while since I last ran. It did show me that I could keep up a bit with those that didn't quite the break I did and I will be back with them matching paces the whole time again after getting myself back into my rhythms.

I promise a warning or something next time I decide to run away.


  1. i hear ya! so hard to stay motivated...we're still running but i have to shake off the cobwebs and gear myeslf up for the next training cycle!!!

  2. Welcome back! Don't worry too much. I think a lot of us disappeared temporarily over the holidays (or a bit longer).

  3. I am also paying for my laziness. My husband and I ran a nighttime 5k in the cold. Great run, but my hip flexor is angry at me now. Live and learn.

  4. Welcome back, I'm new to your blog anyways so I look forward to reading more now!

  5. I think sometimes we need a little break and I am glad you enjoyed it! Welcome back though and sounds like you had a nice run today!

  6. I hear you! I took a week off and did a long walk and owie owie owie.. was all I could say! So much for being a clinic leader :)